Hold me in your loving arms

Don’t let me go, lest I wander in the devil’s den

Kiss me til the morning light

or I’m deep in the storm

and I hurt someone in my defense

Stuck in my own dreams

they keep me up

to win a crown of gold

what’s it all for if I don’t have you

Morning light, I’ll sing of days when running free

was enough to satisfy me

drown me in your loving grace

when I’m alone

in the middle of my daydreaming

Take me in your loving arms

with blood in my hands

and the taste of wine underneath my tongue

he was all my young self really wanted

the first time I had fallen

for a moment, I thought I’ve got a chance

then it slips out of my hands

but your love it takes me over

“Natural Desires”

Sitting in the back room

never getting over you, I come alive

If ever there’s a reason

to bring back all those feelings, I’ll come alive

when the night it haunts me

got your arms around my loneliness

It’s the strangest feeling

obsessing is deceiving

Tell me it’s a mistake

when you took me so high

darling I can’t escape

all these natural desires

Well, whoever convinced me

ooh the sweetest memory, I come alive

You got me feeling restless

Oh the only night I’m reckless, I come alive

Time to confess

I hold on to this

Don’t know if it’s right

or if I should regret